Annoying Quotes That Ring True

I love looking up quotes! It's one of my favorite things about the world wide web, because usually great amounts of wisdom are packed into a tight little punch of well sewn together words. And it's like the swiftest, clean cut punch straight to the face to say WAKE UP!

I usually am drawn to the "weird," off the beaten path quotes. Not the ones you read every other post on your newsfeed. There are 3 quotes I've seen hundreds of times and they used to drive me nuts! But after life has roughed me up a bit, I'm like 'dang, those words ring truer and truer daily.' 

First quote:

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." 

I'm a huge advocate on being kind, but this quote used to just sound like a life sob story to me. And I would think to myself, "Life isn't that hard people, quit feeling sorry for yourselves." Which, I am still highly opposed to throwing pity parties, but I have become a huge supporter of compassion and that's what this quote is saying. I've lived long enough now, to have been surprised multiple times, by the most joyous people telling me a horrendous life story that I couldn't fathom living through, but there they were living, laughing, and sharing their pain with me. 

I was lucky enough to have already been kind to them, just because my parents raised me with some decency, but I can imagine other people who would have treated them unkindly or just plain rude for no reason and then would have had a whopping pile of human guilt dumped on them for their bad behavior, towards the fragile soul that had to live through such nightmares. And here's a secret; we're all fragile and we've all dealt with hard times, so be nice.

Lots of times the happiest people are the most resilient, which means they've seen a lot of bad, and they're happy, because they know how delicate life really is and traffic is not really a problem. Point being, compassion equals kindness and everyone deserves it! 

Next quote:

"Sometimes the right path, is not the easiest one."

This one can confuse people, because sometimes the best path really is easier. This one tricked me for a long, long while, until I realized, it doesn't have to apply to everything in your life. You don't have to always choose the hard path, just because it's hard. I just always assumed anything that was worthwhile had to be hard and that's not the case. Sometimes, the stuff you love and the path you want to take is easy and it's going to feel good and it doesn't mean you're on the wrong path, so take this quote with a grain of salt. 

This can boil down to a dinner metaphor. I used to try the fanciest, most bizarre dinner recipes, because I wanted to be a solid home-maker that just wow'd everyone who sat down at dinner, but I make a freaking delicious pot of chili. I would constantly forgo making the chili, because I wanted to be "impressive." So I'd serve these weird concoctions that originated from India and Lord knows where else and my husband would swallow it down with a discombobulated look on his face. Plus, I'd be exhausted, because I spent 3+ hours making some foreign dinner. When my chili would have actually been more impressive, made my husband happier and myself happier and more energetic, but it seemed too "easy." I chose a hard path and in this case, that was wrong and unnecessary. Now a days, I make a lot of chili!

Where I have found this quote most useful in my life is when I reach a fork in the road. I go over the pros and cons of each path and usually, one is very visibly harder than the other, but I look at the destination it would bring me to and which destination would have the end goal of making me a happier, more full, and vibrant human. I pick that one, even if the road to get there is harder.  

Next quote:

"Whats meant to be will always find its way."

Ugh, doesn't that just drive you crazy the second you read it? This is the most annoying one, in my opinion, but once again, it is so true. I've experienced some let downs, some things I was holding on to so tightly and they still slipped away and I was left with only one question, "WHY?!" Well, because, it wasn't meant to be. 

We can always see this in hindsight, but there's a long, long road to travel from destination pain to destination hindsight. They are pretty much on opposite sides of the universe, but once you arrive to destination hindsight, you're like, "OH! Thank you baby, Jesus, that that didn't work out!" You can see how all the dots connect and why you didn't get certain things you thought you needed. Usually, you arrive at a greater, happier place than you've ever dreamed of and then, you say to yourself, "Ah, what's meant to be will always find it's way." 

Then you start to believe in this quote so much, you become that annoying person telling it to other people in rough patches. Those said people in rough patches despise this quote, because it takes a long journey and lots of patience, until you find its truth. But soon, my friends, soon, you too will be a, "What's meant to be will always find it's way," believer! It happens to the best and worst of us; it happens to errrrrybody!

You can basically sum all these up to say, be nice to all the humans around you on your journey, have faith in your trials and lessons learned, and get to where you want to be, regardless of how roughed up you get! You may be rollin' your eyes now, but you'll get some experience under your belt and be like, "Dang! That quote makes sense now!" 

Happy Tuesday, lovely people of the planet!

PS: There are no sources on the quotes, because it's hard to really decipher who said it first, because they are so popular, but I, in no way, take credit for those quoted words. 

Your Universe

I sat down in a coffee shop. I went there to have some space to chase my dreams. The second I sat down, I had the defeated thought, "Am I just going to be in a coffee shop forever, chasing my dreams? I preach and preach to go get 'em, chase your dreams with reckless abandon! But who am I? And what have I truly accomplished? I'm just sitting in a coffee shop again, with no recognition to my name."  

As I was spiraling down the rabbit hole of "this is hard," I noticed what I was doing and stopped myself. Took a deep breath and started to hum a song in my head. I don't even remember what song it was, but as I looked out the window, I saw the trees dancing in the wind and it looked as though they choreographed their dance to the song I was humming. It was pure magic. 

And bam! I had a huge awakening; I have to have a little FAITH, because I live in a universe that makes the dang trees sway. So this is for anyone that just needs a little nudge to not worry so much and let the universe take care of ya every now and then! (Keep scrolling)! 

Believe in your universe.

Your universe sways the trees,
It blooms the flowers,
It brings the stars out each night,
And paints the sky gold each morning.

You think it can't handle your life?

Your universe moves the ocean,
Has created depths we can't even reach,
Leaves you with a sense of wonder.

You think it can't handle your hopes?

Your universe shapes the clouds,
Lifts water,
Shakes the ground,
And warms underground roots.

You think it can't handle your dreams?

Your universe moves the planets,
Grows nutrients,
Shapes moments of kindness,
And puts wind, beneath wings. 

Have faith in your universe.
And your universe will have faith in you. 

Family Session || Southern California Photographer

I knew Stevie from years back when her and I worked together. We both led way different lives back then and now we're both moms, keeping on that motherhood grind! It was so nice catching up with her and getting to be around her beautiful family. All three of them have an infectious energy and it's always great to see some truly happy people! I already have two kids of my own, but their sweet, sweet daughter made me want to take her home with me! It was an absolute pleasure photographing them. Here are a few shots from the day! 

Carlsbad, CA || Southern California Photographer

Carlsbad, California! A perfect day spent at the beach, with my family. Actually; that's a lie. Me and my husband dealt with a few tantrums, a few face plants in the ocean and sand, sand in the eye balls, sand in the shorts, sand in our food. Ya know, SAND! EVERYWHERE!

There were a few moments we could have had meltdowns all on our own, but we gathered ourselves and realized, what a beautiful day it was and how lucky we were to be the ones sharing those sandy tantrums with our little humans! I also got to stalk my own family like I was a weird paparazzi and take some frame worthy photos, which always makes me happy! :) Here's a glimpse of our day.

There ya have it! Family by the beach, really riveting stuff. Contact me if you'd like to add this kind of excitement to your life :D! Happy Saturday, folks!