Quintessential Woman

Her skin is soft, her words strong

She has an undeniable essence that lives on


She moves people like the sea

A force so harshly powerful, yet serene


Her smile lit up this world

Causing people's evils and doubts to unfurl

They blew away in the wind

And people found their hope again


This, once caged bird, was a force to be reckoned with

Love and kindness, she made her life's pith

She turned her cage to gold

And it became priceless, nothing anyone could hold


Lessons she taught

Virtues she sought 


She was, but one woman

One woman, who stood in her conviction

Never too old or too wise to listen


One woman, who brought about change

Humanity and compassion were never estranged

One woman, who lived her life so elegantly

And saw herself in you and me


One, phenomenal woman, indeed

Our hungry hearts and souls, she helped feed


One phenomenal woman, was she.