Confident Love

I've always walked with a pep in my step,
But you unlock my confidence- the inner secret I've always kept.

I wrap my body with my own loving eyes,
But with you, in crowded rooms, there's no competition, no compromise.

I've got your undivided attention, love, and adoration,
There's no room for worry, questions, or outside temptation.

There's not a woman in the world I could be made jealous of,
Because your eyes are on me being me,
no facade,
nothing to prove,
nothing to fight for,
just love. 

When my creative soul wanders and I need to break free,
You become the wind,
the push,
the open gate.

You lead me out the door with your eyes of blue,
And I feel so free, knowing I'll always make my return to you.

A strong woman is strong, this is true,
But a strong woman can be made stronger, by a man loving her in her truth.