Not Yet

They said they’ve said it all,
Then why do I still hear the call?

Why is my pen drawn to this paper?
Why am I trying to make some kind of poetic sense here?

Why do I wake up with a heart beating with words?
Why do I feel an inner pull to cause a compassionate, happy- stir?

It’s so easy to see we all have a light,
But half of us never switch it on, we continue walking in fright.

It’s so easy to see we are all family,
That we’re all miraculous drops, working together to create the powerful sea.

But not everyone sees it like I do,
And that’s why I continue to write to you.

I want you to see the beauty that you hold,
And how each day, Earth delivers you moments of gold.

I want you to know that you reside by your neighbor for a reason,
And though hard sometimes, life is filled with spectacular seasons.

Sometimes you’ve got it all figured out,
Other times you’re searching, aiming to cure the doubt.

You’re a legacy with each breath of air that fills your lungs,
You’re a song that must be sung.

So, maybe they’ve said it all, but I haven’t said what I need to just yet
I’ll be here writing to you, until we get going to where we need to get.