They see me smile in the feeling of victory,
But don’t they know this is not just me, but a compilation of my history?

It’s the people who fought for a life of freedom on this soil,
It’s the women who kept marching and when told they didn’t have a voice, they never recoiled.

It’s those who spoke loudly about having a Dream,
Those that decided in dark times, they would walk with a gleam.

It’s all those that have created art,
Music, paintings, sculptures, books, nature; all the things that have hugged my heart.

It’s the lull of the ocean rocking my childhood plans,
It’s my family ever acting like my biggest fans.

It’s my grandfather telling me in 5th grade, I’m a shining star.
It’s the little epiphanies in the middle of the night, as I wiped down the bar.

It’s the classes I sat in, taking them for all they were worth,
It’s the realization that my body is strong and capable after triumphant births.

It’s all the scribbling in my notebooks with grand thoughts,
It’s the inner- whisper of faith to keep going that will connect the dots.

It’s all five senses coming alive as I watched the sun set in Rome,
It’s all the foreign places that felt like home.

It’s my husband regularly reminding me I am a badass,
It’s knowing my children’s eyes are watching and when it’s their turn I hope they’re inspired to not pass.

There’s no such thing as a victory for one,
Just as there is no life without the Sun.

Every smile you see roll across my face,
Every dream you see me dare to chase,
Every tear of joy I shed,
Every moment of excitement jumping on my bed,

These are not the doings of me, myself and I,
These are the moments of teamwork glorified.

I have no victories without you,
If there was no “we,” I would have never grew.

And when my wins are called into the light,
I hope your soul smiles, because you gifted me this might.