Eclectic Childhood

Scares me to think of a world where people didn’t listen to their inner call,
Or weren’t brave enough to incorporate creativity into it all.

Would I be able to rock my head to Over the Hills and Far Away?
Or be brought to tears from Maya Angelou’s rendition of a woman’s sway?

Would I believe I could change the world and aim high,
If I never laid eyes on Sacred Water, Sacred Sky?

Would I know the importance of family and moment’s small,
If I didn’t hear King’s Highway beating through my childhood home’s drywall?

Would I understand I could make actual things with my hands,
If I hadn’t sewn beads onto felt and sat around tables with women talking about their big plans?

Would I dream as big as I could if I never heard my mother talk about writing her books?
Or if I never caught the glimpses of my grandpa’s encouraging looks?

If I never saw my dad’s place of gathering come to fruition,
Would my tenacity and drive still be on such a mission?

If I didn’t see the bravery of my brothers driving to new states and standing firm in their truths,
Would my heart still feel this sense of an evergreen youth?

If the sun never touched the clouds with it’s purples and golds,
Would I be courageous enough to touch this paper with the pen I hold?

If creativity and conversation weren’t pillars of my growing- up,
Would I even know where to start now, would I know how to fill my soul’s cup?

The people I’ve been surrounded with are brave in their every- day,
They show love, kindness, creativeness, and art,
And in turn, raised an imaginative, determined heart.