Laugh- Lines

We go through page after page in the book called life,
So many hats to try on along the way; sister, daughter, friend, and wife.

Dreamer, lover, student, drinker, artist, teacher, and person leading with love,
We come to realize, we’re co-authoring these chapters with a power above.

Our choices lead to the life we obtain,
We are our own keepers, we have the key that unlocks all our chains.

And there’s something more clear to me each day,
I want to relish in the details of life’s winding way.

When I’m 77 and look upon my husband’s face,
I want to know the cause of every single laugh- line and those tender moments that can’t be replaced.

I want to remember the moments that caused every single grey hair,
And how our hearts kept pumping, even when if felt like there was no more air.

I want to recognize where every single scar on my children came from,
And feel proud that we never sought to dull life’s brilliance or make ourselves numb.

I want to be able to sit in our rocking chairs at sunset and travel amongst our memories,
A well- lived life is agings finest remedy.

With my husband’s hand in mine,
We can travel all the places we’ve already been by that time.

We can watch our children rolling around in Hawaiian sand,
Or witness the wonder in their eyes as the plane grounds in far- off lands.

Our hearts can warm up when we think of the help that we offered along the way,
And can shed tears of joy knowing we were there for our children’s most important days.

Our adrenaline will pump when we think of all the times we pushed ourselves for the better,
We’ll be able to breathe deeply knowing we strung our life with love- letters.

Our curiosity will be evergreen, thinking of times of the miraculous,
Our faith unwavering, thinking of all the times we just led with trust.

Our sense of awe will still be blown away by the glow of our family and friends,
Our sense of resilience still growing stronger, realizing there’s only one true end.

Our souls will be as full as ever with love and wonder and unspeakable kindness from something greater than us,
Our minds still churning with plenty of the world and dreams still left for us to discuss.

Yes, our lives will be led in such a way,
That just thinking of it on our porch will carry us away.

We’ll be so wrapped in love and memories that kiss us on our forehead daily,
A contentment in our bones, that feels like Over the Rainbow played on the ukulele.