Half of us are oceans,
Half of us are skies,
All inter- connected, we come to realize.

The Ying to my Yang,
The firework to my bang.

The joy to my bliss,
The lips to my kiss.

The balance to my step,
The secret to my kept.

The heart to my love,
The wings to my dove.

The hot to my coffee,
The soul to my be.

The beauty to my view,
The me to my you.

The melody to my song,
The lesson to my wrong.

The bee to my honey,
The laughter to my funny.

The water to my waves,
The satisfaction to my crave.

The stars to my night,
The forgive to my fight.

The sun to my burn,
The patience to my turn.

The flower to my root,
The print to my boot.

The moon to my tide,
The shadow to my hide.

The one to my other.
The Earth to my mother.

How deeply we need each other,
Sisters and sisters and brothers and brothers.