Even hard days don’t seem as hard when you’ve got a love to cling to,
This world’s got nothing on two hearts beating true.

Out the door to a space of work during the day,
But that’s all make- believe and child’s play.

We suit up and go to make good in the world,
But that isn’t our sanctuary or where our freedoms unfurl.

No, in real- life we’re the king and queen of this castle,
In our kingdom spilled milk isn’t ever a hassle.

Chalkboard walls and made up tunes,
Singing at tables and month-long birthday balloons.

Weekend adventures to bask in the air of cute towns,
Every day adventures to find the best coffee around.

Paint stains on white furniture,
Loud laughs and silly faces feeling ever so secure.

Books tucked into every cranny and nook,
Woken up from cuddles and kisses and the most eager looks.

Night- time tea and quiet conversations in the dark,
This sweet-spot of life we’re in is one my soul has earmarked.

Cookies for breakfast ever- so- often,
The most rigid corners of my heart have completely softened.

This life we’re leading inside the walls of three one three nine is the only thing real,
I race back to this space and these people just to get another feel.