All The Girls You've Made Feel Pretty

As you place your hand on my cheek and kiss me goodbye,
I realize your love is so easily seen and identified.

You love out loud and with great care,
Always filling me with bravery to give the love I share.

Then for a split second, my mind roams, as often times it does,
And briefly, I think about them, all the girls that you have loved.

All the girls that came before me,
All the girls that looked at you and saw their futures so clearly.

So many things had to fall into place for you and me and this life together,
You and I connected the pieces and threw around words like, “forever.”

I’m not the only one that has ever felt invincible by your side,
And the thought of this could leave me emotionally paralyzed.

I don’t have time to sit with this thought for too long,
You turn on the record and we’re dancing in our living room to one of our favorite songs.

Our daughter walks out, in her pajamas with clean hair,
Without pause, you grab her hands and twirl her up in the air.

The smile you provide her with is proof of a love that could stretch ten thousand miles,
Yes, this kind of love is hand-crafted with an omniscient style.

It never falters and adds new life to old roots,
It’s silly and eager and absolute.

Yes, you make me feel pretty, in more ways than one.
Your wife and your daughter’s hearts are wrapped in your warm love,
And leave every morning with their insides shining like the sun.

Yes, sometimes all the girls before me pop up in my mind,
And I think to myself how lucky they were for a short time.

To feel your love is a special gift,
In the sand of life, your love is the type of pure gold, for which people sift.

Even before me, your love was sincere,
All the girls you’ve made feel pretty, I hold dear.

We’re connected by a man who fought to love us well,
And I’m the one who gets to share the story the years will tell.

Thank you for making all the girls in your life feel pretty,
And stinging good- love throughout your life like a honeybee,
You’ll remain the sturdy ground,
In this world where so many are lost and rarely found.