Bump Into You

I know things didn’t end up like we had planned,
And that near the end it felt like you were holding a forced hand,

I know I just couldn’t bring myself to giving you my best each day,
But I am so glad I forced myself to stay,
For as long as I did.

I look back with no regrets, though I couldn’t give my best, I did give it my all,
I woke up every day, determined, even though I knew it’d end in a fall.

But I miss you, I do,
And I find myself hoping I’ll bump into you.

At the grocery store or somewhere else around town,
I really would like to ask you how you’ve been
And see if the little nuances of me still makes you grin.

I’d like to just tell you, you’re doing a good job,
And I hope life isn’t making your heart throb.

I’d like to just tell you, I appreciate the time we got to spend together,
And now, I hope your life is filled with more sun than stormy weather.

Yes, sometimes, I imagine the day I’ll bump into you,
I’d like to just give you a hug and a warm smile to show my gratitude.