Body + Soul

When my body and soul part ways,
I want them to laugh about all the glorious days,
Spent together,
At times, it felt it'd last forever.

I want my soul to thank my body for carrying us through,
And my body to thank my soul for all the love it knew.

I want them to reminisce of the times that stopped them in their tracks,
And realize throughout this life's journey, there was not one moment of lack.

I want them to look at each other with the utmost respect,
And a sly grin to cross their beings, knowing all the secrets they have kept.

I want them to wrap each other in grace,
Knowing this was a partnership that can never be replaced.

The story of this body, with this soul will never again be told,
It was a life lived from young to never-old.

Yes, this body and this soul had quite an adventure on this life sea,
I want them to firmly hug each other, before setting themselves free.

I want them to tip their hats and take a bow,
And their eyes to fill with grateful tears of, "Wow."

For together, they lived a life with love and babies and good,
And they lived it in a way that only they could.

So, thank you body, thank you soul,
For you two together, make me whole.