September 19th

September 19th,
Was a special day, I came to find out,
During this time, it was you, I was learning all about.

How could I make you feel special when this day rolled around?
To see you, I'd spend every dollar I owned on a Greyhound.

Each September 19th, I'd try to make my love reach you in different ways,
For a few years, September 19th was the day of all days. 

But as more and more September 19th's passed,
I started to realize the strength in my arms reaching for you wouldn't last.

It didn't matter if it was September 19th or a regular day in June,
I felt our flower of love wilting and knew there were too many thorns to prune.

September 19th happened again, but we had gone our separate ways,
That particular September 19th, without you, was a painful day.

Who were you with and where were you?
Was there even an absence of me in your mind's view?

Yes, that day my whole heart ached, but it also grew,
I felt my heart stitching itself back together, without the fabrics of you.

Next September 19th didn't hurt so bad,
On that day, you were just a mere moment of a thought I had.

The years roll on as they say they do,
September 19th is now just a day I outgrew.

Once a day where immense elation was brought,
Now only returns to my mind as an afterthought.

Reminiscing now, it's funny how the meanings of a date can change,
And how our hearts have the abilities to rearrange.

Yes, September 19th is still special for you,
But for me, it's just a date with no meaning renewed.

A day that used to hold my heart in it's hands,
Is now just a square on a calendar, where I write future plans.

Yes, September 19th, used to be the date,
But come to find out, October 2nd held my fate.