Together, we're a dance in the kitchen.
Together, we're a love-note that leaves us both smitten.

Together, we laugh with no hint of fabrication.
Together, across the room, we share the look of validation.

Together, we get lost on a summer day and on winter days too.
Together, we grew our wings and flew.

Together, the colors of a sunset make our hearts swell.
Together, our souls are well.

Together, we switched our names to mom and dad.
Together, we discover things I want to scribble down in my notepad.

Together, strawberries taste sweeter.
Together, we show our daughter how love should treat her.

Together, we found gold and the magic of the in-between.
Together, we laid our foundation on the sturdiness of things unseen. 

Together is me and you.
Together is something I'd never undo.

Without you and without me,
There is no together and the magic that it brings. 

Together is the place we always land.
This life is so vibrant and so sweet, when we're walking hand in hand.