No One's Safe From Love

In your darkest hour,
In the midnight scour,
In the moments that make you sour,
No one's safe from love.

Up high in solitude,
On the lowest point of latitude,
Walking with the worst of attitudes,
No one's safe from love.

In the shack at the end of the road,
In the mansion of luxury's abode,
When bamboozled by life's code,
No one's safe from love. 

While strutting on an everyday sidewalk,
While interacting in mundane talk,
While trying to find the key to your heart's lock,
No one's safe from love.

Just as no one is safe from pain,
No one is safe from love just the same. 

We say life's not fair,
But it's cruelty and kindness doesn't judge or spare.

There's pain and heartache
And there's love and Joy's sake.

Life is completely fair in the delivering of unfairness,
It brings waves of love and damage that are relentless.

So hold on, cry, smile, and learn
And know as this world turns,
No one is safe from love,
You will be greeted with it, even if it's just from the warmth up above.