How Do You Love?

Do you love in the light?
Do you love in the dark?

Do you wait until someone needs it most?
Do you give it recklessly unto anyone on your path?

Do you hide it?
Does it scare you?
Does it embarrass you?

Do you flaunt it?
Does it make you proud?

Do you love loud?
Do you love silently?

Do you love in crowds?
Do you love in solitude?

Do you love on a boat?
Do you love in a city?
Do you love in the country?

Do you love in the every day?
Do you love only on special occasions?

Love is love. 
Love is love in the light and in the dark.
Love is love, given carefully and given recklessly.
Love is love, in hiding and in plain sight.
Love is love, scary and bashful. 
Love is love, even when boasted about.
Love is love, loud and silent.
Love is love, in a crowded room and all alone.
Love is love, on a boat, in a city, and down a country road.
Love is love, every day and on all special occasions. 

So, you see, love is love in all sorts of ways.
It doesn't matter how you love, as long as you do. 
Love is love and it's here to stay.