Red Love Seat

New love, fast love
Airplane rides and spiraling kisses

Drinks and whispers,
Dim lights, loud laughs

New town, new baby, and a red love seat,
Flowers in a vase and on my pillow,
No money and lots of tears

Questions, confusion, and a red love seat,
Walks with wine and a stroller,
Baby food and growing up

Defeat, patience, and a red love seat,
A juice machine and new friends,
Rare date nights in the dark

Progress, a ring around my finger, and a red love seat,
A new car and new dreams,
Kisses and consistency

Me and my girl, me and my love, and a red love seat
Just starting out, trying to figure out what our life's about

I reminisce about it now, 
The dreams, the love, and the showing up,
And that red love seat.