I am a mother.

I am sacred space.

I am a pillar of faith.

I am sturdy ground, when the whole world shakes.

Leave me, but my love remains.
Break me, but know I am not broken.

I am constant, just as the sky and the sea.
I am rooted in this ground, up to my knees.

I notice the way the wind blows,
And the slightest change in your smile.

I examine all the details,
And recognize the things that you view as worthwhile.

There's a shine from under my cheeks, that will never evade.
There's a wise instinct that comes with womanhood, that can never be tapered or frayed.

With this wisdom and shine,
Every step I take is confident
You see, I am connected to the ever-divine.

So, when you look me in my eyes and think I don't see the truth,
It is only you that is blind,
It is only you acting in the ways of the youth.

Your forces of persuasion don't work on me

I am a woman,
I am the one holding the key.

The key to my happiness and love,
The key to my soul soaring free.

You may have gotten tripped up, but not I

I am a woman,
Hear me cry.

Cry the tears that must be shed,
Cry the tears at the store, in the shower, and in bed.

I'll cry those tears and then I'll move on.
I am a woman,
I am strong.

My heart aches for you and the deeds you cannot undo
As for me, my wisdom just grew

I am a woman, unshakeable ground,
I am a woman,
My resilience knows no bounds,

I am a woman.