Negative Mind

It's lonely there
I see the abyss of nothing in your stare
You wake up and the world is gray
You trip your way through life in constant dismay

There's always hands reaching,
Reaching to pull you up
But you've chained yourself to the bottom
And see no reason to get unstuck

You cling to those that reflect light
But they start to disengage from you
Noticing they too,
Had started to walk your self-stated sorry plight

You can't seem to get a grip or catch a break
Your moments of grace always show up too late

Your morning forecast is gloom
Your afternoon forecast is gloom
Your night forecast is gloom
You walk in a shell of doom

You keep pointing the finger
Creating reasons for why your sadness lingers
You've created a vicious cycle
A negative dialogue in your head you just recycle

Loneliness has become comfortable
Worst case scenario preferable
An attitude that is insufferable

You're trapped
You've caged yourself
Keeping your heart far away and wrapped

Wrapped in hurt
And times people did you wrong
You've acquired a strong habit of playing the same sad song

You can't leave the past behind
And it's left you walking through this world half- blind

These are all the curses of a negative mind.