I've been thinking a lot about water.

Water is such a simple, pure thing, but holds so much power. 
There's power in staying true to who you are. 

Water doesn't try to be anything else; it's clear and tasteless, for the most part. 
Nothing fancy, although, sometimes it does get all bottled up and pretty for us. 

It's the very thing that drowns us. That brings our fears to float at the surface. That hides secrets beneath it's depths. It scares us. 

And it's the very thing that cleanses us and allows us to start anew. At the lowest of lows, relenting and diving head first into a body of water, refreshes us. Our tears blend into the sea, along with all the other tears that have been washed away there and suddenly, we're not alone. It washes us clean. It saves us. 

Water forces honesty. Everything you wish would sink and never be found again, reemerges. We are all wading around our ghosts in the closet, our heart breaks, our walls built, the blows of life that have left scars so deep you still feel incomplete. 

All of us are wading through the water. Wading there, in our bare skin, all of our baggage out, for all to see. Just hoping, some one will see beyond the surface. Deep down. They'll see us and prove our treading was worth it. And it will be. 

When that moment comes, we won't be wading around our ghosts anymore, we'll be swimming through them. And soon we'll be left with nothing floating atop the water, just an honest soul, stripped to the bones, looking at another naked soul, submerged in the pool of truth. It will be so worth it. 

Water makes us surrender. To give in to the past that floats around us and to dive in to the unknown, with hope that the soul of another will be diving in right along with us. 

Water; for being so simple, is so complex. 
Just like me and just like you.