I was unaware the curve in my waist,
Would be how others judge my womanhood with such haste.

I didn't know the size of my chest,
Would make you see more of me or less.

Heaven forbid the youthful body turn into a body that's grown,
There'd be less room for your macho seeds to be sewn.

I'm sorry my backside doesn't have more of an arc,
But, it's confusing, because I still hear the male bark. 

Even females have made me feel less-than,
Commenting my body reminds them of adolescence. 

Not knowing the wisdom, scars, and compassion this body of mine holds,
People have missed out on the story and friendship my heart could have told. 

Yes, there's lots of face-value judging,
And lots of lines drawn that need some smudging.

So, I'm standing up for myself, not a minute too soon,
My body is mine and not yours to critique or swoon.

My chest has been sizes A to C,
And in each cup size- it's always been me.

My figures not curvaceous, but straight,
And I indeed do hold a smaller weight.

This doesn't make me lucky or better-than,
But a target for insecure eyes and the body scam.

Stretch marks, let me show you,
Laugh lines, I've got more than a few.

You won't find a set of straight teeth here,
This is a woman who loves herself- something to fear.

My posture- not the best,
My soul is where most my energy invests.

I'm writing this, because you've got it too!
You've got all those insanely, gorgeous, unique things about you.

So, instead of putting meaning on Earth's gravitational pull,
Promise me, you'll feed your soul.

Promise me, you won't judge a woman who doesn't match your size,
But meet her with the community of womanhood in your eyes.

Promise me, you'll let your arms get a tan,
And you'll get your self-love from you- not another woman or man.

Promise me, when you get a compliment you allow yourself to grin and say, "Thank you!"
You don't have to have an excuse or try to skew their view. 

Promise me, you'll laugh loud with all your imperfections,
And take people for their whole-selves, not just their sections.

Promise me, you won't let your children hear you talk poorly about your body,
Let them see a strong human, not in a state of mirror-melancholy.

Promise me, you'll welcome yourself and others with a warm embrace,
And the body your soul resides in is more than just something you get up to face.

Treat yourself tenderly and kind,
Allow yourself and others to shine.

Our bodies are just our shells,
Nourish it and treat it well. 

Treat it well with kind words and loving hands,
Treat it well by visiting new, invigorating lands.

Treat it well by encouraging others,
Treat it well by not comparing- only you are your mother's. 

Treat yourself well and treat other's the same,
Hating our bodies is not our game.

Love yourself- every inch!
The space you take up here, should not make you flinch.

It should make you proud,
Proclaim your spot here, brave and loud!

Take your body back! And your peace of mind,
There are so many better things for us to focus our time. 

You are beautifully you,
And there's no cat-call, rude remark, or stale face that can ever undo,
All that is the beauty of you.