All Love Is Unconditional

Love is not the issue.
Love is the one that always reaches out to kiss you.

When things fail, it's not because of love.
It's because of all those toxic things we cannot rise above.

It can be finances, addiction, even just lack of presence.
These things are hard for our heart to reach a place of acceptance. 

You see, all love is unconditional, all staying is not.
Sometimes your heart is loved, but the rest of you feels forgot. 

It's not the love you have to stop.
It's the feelings and the heartbreak we have to be strong enough to drop.

Have you ever actually stopped loving some one?
I don't think so, I think the rest of you just had to get out of there and run. 

Run some where safer and a little more calm.
Somewhere you could regroup and lather your heart with a healing balm.

You lather and lather with good music and good books.
With meaningful conversation and new eyes with new looks. 

You replay moments time and time again,
And ponder what is coming for your life around the bend.

Then one day, who's to say when,
You realize your life and open heart have began again.

But you still carry that nick on your heart,
And realize love never has an end, only starts.

It doesn't mean you're still in some type of romance,
It only means love is bigger than anything and we could never comprehend it's expanse.

When you really love some one and mutter those words,
I'm certain that love goes on forever undisturbed. 

It creates soft spots all over your heart,
And a more wise love for you to impart. 

When you hear their names, there's always a smirk and an ache,
And a wondering, which soul was granted their heart to take. 

So again I say, all love is unconditional and no love can fail,
Just certain loves aren't docked forever and must set sail.

All love is unconditional.
All staying is not.
There has never been one, single love that was forgot.