Building a Life

In a world that's screaming passion and consistency,
I'm flowing with the current, fighting stagnancy.

Always told to stay the course,
But if I didn't follow all my curiosities I'd feel remorse.

I stand before you today, with eclectic experiences in the sway of my skirt,
Life thus far has been a raging river, not a drop of dry dirt.

So, pull up a chair, can I make you a drink?
I'd love to sip a perfected dirty martini, while you tell me what you think.

What do you think about Maya Angelou?
Or Pablo Picasso's period of blue?

How are we going to empower our youth?
And when the world gets heavy, do you hold steady in your own truth?

Which F-stop do you prefer?
Do you use grain or natural light to make those emotions stir?

Parenthood, I got a few things I could say,
Doesn't it ache in the best possible way?

I can make a killer kale salad or point you to the best pizza in the city,
Pizza makes us happy and kale makes our insides pretty.

Who's your team? Blood, sweat and tears poured out on the field,
In competitive talk, I will not yield.

You want to talk about human- compassion and amazing grace?
I've got a few stories that'll make your heart race.

Marriage? I'm learning as I go,
An intricate life quilt, two needles learning to sew.

Speaking of sewing, I can do that too,
Calligraphy and collages also hold a spot in my creative life slew

I can't feel more whole, then when a pen's in my hand,
Translating thoughts to words is my creative soul's highest demand.

So, if you want to talk, let's talk,
Very few subjects will get me to balk. 

You see, I trust my experiences and my worth,
And I know my value on this Earth.

I write this, not to be cocky,
But to let you know, I'm a student learning to master the art of being free.

It may not be the straight and narrow,
But, it is indeed my squiggly arrow.

If I didn't follow it, I would be wrong,
And I might not be sitting here writing you this poetic song. 

So maybe you're not where you thought you'd be,
But, you've got experiences and lessons and your life's a wide open sea.

So, tie on your apron for the day,
And when faced with tough questions or circumstances don't go astray, 
Walk in confidence with the mess you've been handed,
And stretch your roots courageously, where you've been planted.

For you and I know great things, 
For any room we enter, we have a song to sing.

So yes, please pull up a chair and let me fill up your cup,
Let's share the knowledge and scars of all the times we've shown up.