You Just Didn't Know

I was just a kid,
You didn't know what kind of woman I would be,
You didn't know in the future, there would be no chance of you and me

You didn't know the strength there'd be in my eyes,
You couldn't see how strong my shoulders would become, holding my head high

You didn't know all the insecurities you bred in me, would become my strengths,
Yes, parts of my wisdom now, is to your thanks

You didn't know the power that'd rest in just the smirk of my smile,
Or that my grin was actually worthwhile

You had no clue that I march to the beat of my own drum and always would,
I was never looking to fit in and you started a lot of your sentences, with "You should..."

You didn't know that I'd love every inch of myself, not even dressed to the nines
You didn't realize that one day, without you, I'd be more than fine

I shall never forget the night you called me "boring,"
Now, I'm sure you have noticed, your heart's vibrancy was the one that needed restoring

You were too young to notice a girl giving you her all,
I decided to claw at the face of the mountain and stop that free-fall

You didn't know that I had been falling, all by myself, for quite some time
Your lack of presence and communication ended up being the ultimate crime

Timing is everything and time was on your side,
But my true self could no longer hide

A little attention, priority; could have gone a long way,
In the end, there was no room for me, wherever you stayed.

So, we parted ways,
And grew into the people we are today

You didn't know, the woman that was yours
You were unaware, you'd be just a small fragment in my life's memoir

You didn't know I was so far out of your league,
To catch me now, your body and mind would be ridden with fatigue

Resentment; I hold none
The heart heals and what's done is done

As a confident woman now, world in my hand, walking with a glow
It occurs to me that;
You just didn't know.