Black Pants and Non-Slip Shoes

That was it, I said
I hung up the apron
And left it for dead

I was free
No more refills
And drunken eyes batting at me

So proud of myself
I had risen above
I was taking the chance
Giving myself the shove

They said I'd grow wings
In no time, I'd be flying
All you had to do was leap
The Universe rewards this brave kind of trying

I was free
I tried
And tried again
Only finding more confusion from within

The dreams were ever big
The dividends ever small
This journey wasn't triumphant
But a slow, slow crawl

A crawl back to my shell
Where the "real world" engulfs me
And the creative peace-maker never prevails

Making ends meet
With a fake smile
And my hair in a bun
A view that leaves the true me stunned

My dreams put on the highest shelf
My nose ring in a drawer
I go back to what I was before

Just a girl with big dreams
Too scared to pursue
A girl with big dreams
Wearing black pants and non-slip shoes.

Ramblings on the writing: Though this piece may sound a little hopeless, I have yet to give up hope on my big goals and dreams. I am not scared of hard work and am willing to do what needs to be done to get my family by over the next few months, but in the back of my head it's a mark as a small failure to have to put this uniform on again. It's all a journey and I feel like I'm gearing up for the biggest changes and steps forward yet. So, cheers to growth, hard work, keeping our eyes on the life we dream of, and the sacrifice it takes to get there! -Skye