I went looking for the answers
Way out into the sand
I picked up every rock,
Looking for a helping hand

I made it to the mountains
And stared up at my trek
I knew that what I'd find there,
I'd never forget

My trek came and went
And I wondered about all the time I had spent
Looking for the answers...

Where are the answers?
What are the answers?

Defeat, I claimed. 
There are no answers to be found.
I was lost as ever, 
Emptiness abound.

As I laid on the floor in pain from this life
I questioned what kind of "God" would put fragile humans through such strife

Just as my heart was turning cold
I realized there was one more person to scold
I mustered up the strength to lean on the bathroom sink
I lifted my head and it took less than one blink

Suddenly, I was aware
The answers were looking right at me, in my own eyes stare.

Everything I ever wondered or felt was within
It was up to me, to unlock the grace under this skin. 

Every scar sewn, every battle fought
Was just the restlessness of my soul, on the road to rot
Every finger pointed and tear shed
Was just the inside screaming, to be fed

Fed love and acceptance
Dignity and grace
To feel at home in this place
This place, in my skin
This is where I'm reborn again.

I went looking for the answers
And all I got was you
The eyes staring back at me
A truth I can't undo.

Ramblings on the writing: I think everyone comes to a point in their life where you realize, the biggest adventure and deepest search you're ever going to encounter is looking yourself straight in the eyes. Feelings of worry, anxiety, and anger are parts of your inner self longing for something. Also, all the grace and love you'll ever need already resides in you. Some call it God and it's already there. You don't have to look, you just need to tap into. It's all a process of loving yourself, even through the times you trip up in life. Here's to loving me and loving you! -Skye