Note From a 28 Year Old Human

Hi there my fellow human BEING! 

Today is the day I turn 28 years old! Per usual, this year went by in the blink of an eye.

I wanted nothing more than to sit down and write today. So, instead of exercising, working on my school work, and doing a million other productive things I could be doing, I'm sipping on coffee and about to ramble on with words. 

Birthdays are so much fun when you're younger, but I'm really beginning to dig them even more now that I'm older. I got to live ANOTHER whole gosh dang year on this beautiful Earth. It's crazy. Each year, I feel wiser and more alive than the year before, it's pretty exhilarating when I really stop to think about it. I can only hope for another 365 days to live and learn and see the colors of this planet that make me question why I ever worry about anything. 

Things on my mind lately: Bruce Springsteen, the empowerment of women, how a healthy body really helps achieve a healthy mind, double exposure photography, getting my camera on the dang tripod I got for Christmas, inspiring the youth, how we're all connected, education for all, real freedom, living without concern about what others think or approve of, the power of positivity, how such small acts of kindness multiple into waves of good-doing, connecting with my kids moment by moment, how I'm going to impact each and every student I eventually have in my classroom, Van Morrison lyrics, the power of the New Age and the level of enlightenment we're headed towards, living a life bigger than my wildest dreams, the beautiful mundane, and as always, the magic of motherhood.

My favorite quote right now, by one of my favorite writers, "Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you." -Anne Lamott. 

On my nightstand: The Conscious Parent (Shefali Tsabary), Letter to My Daughter (Maya Angelou), Bossy Pants (Tina Fey), and Stitches (Anne Lamott). 

And my song/mantra for my 28th year of life: Brand New Day- Van Morrison.
This entire song is just pure beauty and every word resonates with my soul, but I leave you with this small part: 

And the sun begins to shine
I see my freedom from across the way
And it comes right in on time
Well it shines so bright and it gives so much light
And it comes from the sky above
Makes me feel so free makes me feel like me
And lights my life with love

And this is what a 28 year old dreamer, lover, world-peace wanting, kindness-striving, scattered brain, family loving, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend, named Skye Schanzer looks like (photos by my children):