Amber Thomas Makes || Southern California Photographer

Hi! So if you've taken a gander around my site, you've probably figured out that I am BURNING to help others chase their dreams. Like, I think it's my calling in life to give you a big, encouraging, photographic smack on the booty and yell HOORAH behind you as you run off into the distance chasing your dreams! 

Anyways, I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure/honor of photographing a gem of a human being, known as Amber Thomas. She recently started an Etsy shop; Amber Thomas Makes. There, she creates hand made, heart felt art and goods. People, did you see the word heart felt? This girls heart is in every fiber of her work, you can feel her genuine heart through her emails for goodness sake! 

Amber Thomas Makes was launched full force when Amber's husband challenged her to do something to provide her a greater creative outlet (other than her AMAZING blog, Mr. Thomas & Me). Aren't those challenging husbands the best? So, she accepted that challenge and hasn't looked back.

When asked what message she hopes her art will leave behind, Amber says, "Beauty abounds- I want to always reflect the beauty of the color and flowers and goodness, in which we live." Whoa! I asked her that in a non-significant email and her words have stuck with me since I read them; beauty abounds. SO TRUE. SO BEAUTIFUL. I'm telling you, this girl is pure gold. Here are some photographs of the one and only Amber Thomas in action and her creative space. 



See!! A beautiful soul, I tell ya!
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If you've got a big dream in your head, lets work together and take the first steps in launching yourself out there on the dreaming chasing path! We're in this together, friends! Happy Thursday!