Carlsbad, CA || Southern California Photographer

Carlsbad, California! A perfect day spent at the beach, with my family. Actually; that's a lie. Me and my husband dealt with a few tantrums, a few face plants in the ocean and sand, sand in the eye balls, sand in the shorts, sand in our food. Ya know, SAND! EVERYWHERE!

There were a few moments we could have had meltdowns all on our own, but we gathered ourselves and realized, what a beautiful day it was and how lucky we were to be the ones sharing those sandy tantrums with our little humans! I also got to stalk my own family like I was a weird paparazzi and take some frame worthy photos, which always makes me happy! :) Here's a glimpse of our day.

There ya have it! Family by the beach, really riveting stuff. Contact me if you'd like to add this kind of excitement to your life :D! Happy Saturday, folks!