Is he the one?
Who knows.
He is the one to stir all the colors of her flesh.
To bring her skin to life.

She doesn't walk through day to day, pale and bland.
She's alive.
She feels.
He turns her red.

Red from the tingle of goosebumps up her spine, when he guides her gently with his fingertips on her lower back.

Red from the frustration of intelligently being challenged.

Red from lack of breath with reckless laughter.

Red in her cheeks, blushing from compliments and kindness undeserved.

Red from the adrenaline of living outside of her comfort zone.

Her heart beats red from loving fiercely. Him loving her and her loving him. 

Is he the "the one" one?
Who's to say.

He is the only one who has brought her to the state of red. 

Time and time again,
The darkest shade of red graces her cheeks.

She is alive with him.
Red could last forever.