Life and Livin' It

I've recently freed myself from to-do lists and made- up pressure I've put on myself. When you really make all your best efforts to live in the moment, the rest of your life pretty much takes care of itself. It's AMAZING. And you can do it, RIGHT NOW. We all have worries, responsibilities, certain places we have to be at certain times, but there is still a presence and gratefulness you can approach those times with and in doing so, the stress you felt about it kind of melts away. 

I've just dropped the excuses and have been patient and forgiving towards myself. After all, I am one woman. Here's a little secret: we can't do it all and the days go by quicker than imagined. How ever you want your life to look, you need to start making it look that way today, because that's really all we've got. "You're only alive in this moment." -Jon Kabat-Zinn. It's been said a thousand times, but when you really let it sink in, it unlocks your life in ways unimaginable. Here's to livin' folks!!!