Ever confident in the divine.

Ever doubtful in herself.

Can't she see they're one in the same?

The Divine and she share the same name.

The same melody that moves the trees-- dances out in the way she laughs.

The same gray that floats with the clouds--covers her eyes when she's witness to betrayal.

The same space between the stars-- stretches out between the curves of her lips.

The same burning of the sun-- ignites her heart to carry her through.

The same shine of the moon--surrounds her, when completely content.

The same flow of the ocean waves-- crash with every beat of her heart.

The same love we feel, when putting our face against the wind-- exudes itself in one genuine smile.


Ever perfectly imperfect, as so nature goes.


One body, encompassing infinite soul.

She is the universe, the universe is she.