Love Fails

We've all heard the "Love never fails," verse. 

But the truth is, love does fail.

It fails time and time again. 

It fails hard. It fails often. It fails embarrassingly. 

It fails in the living room, at the kitchen table, in the backyard, in the bedroom, on car rides.

It'll knock you straight onto the bathroom floor, in a pool of your own tears.

It'll leave you feeling lonely.

It'll leave you questioning where it went.

It'll leave you questioning if it was ever there to begin with.

And then, in just one moment, one glance, one inside joke, one steady supportive comment, one hug, it grows again. 

Love fails. And grows. Fails. And grows. Fails again. And grows again. 

The greatest of failures, produce the biggest bounds of growth.

The tragedy is when love fails and people decide to give up.

Love isn't some sedentary glass vase that just sits on the shelf. 
Rock that shelf and the vase shatters and finds its way to the trash. 

Love is the house plant in the pretty painted pot.
If it grows out of the pot, it moves into a bigger pot, suitable for it's ambitious roots. 
If the pot shatters, it's replanted into a prettier pot and moved to a sunnier, safer windowsill. 

A love can't grow if it's thrown away. It needs to be repotted. 

Yes, love fails.

Choosing the same love after it fails, is when it never fails. 

A failed, deep rooted, lessons learned, triumphant love is the truest of them all.

Let your love fail. And learn. And choose that same love over and over again.