The First Star and The Tallest Flower

I've always found a sincere admiration for things that want to grow the tallest, be the brightest, dig the deepest.

Like the first star out at night.
Not even beckoning for the other stars to surface in the black sky.
Perfectly comfortable with it's own light and the distance it can cover.
Confident in it's self and the shimmer it holds inside.

Like the tallest flower on the bush.
Not asking the others if they're ready to touch the sun, just reaching for that brightness on it's own.
Not waiting to see how the others look once they bloom above it, just diving into the mystery and blooming. 
Drawing attention and wonder to the entire bush, because it's brave enough to scream out and demand to be seen.

The first star out and the tallest flower are a lot like us. We each secretly want to be the biggest and brightest around. Why keep it a secret? The taller we stand and the brighter we shine, inspires others! Once that first star clicks on, the others are brave enough to show their light, because they aren't alone. Once that tall flower blooms, the others reach as high as they can to try to join it. Being your best, brightest self, will only make others reach for their shiniest self as well. Be brave, be bright.