The Spirit of Christmas

It's here, again!

Christmas time.

The warmth of the sun never sets, the night's sky is filled with lights of hope.

People empty their pockets, to hear the clank of the change piling up to help those in need.

Fortunate children donate one of their too many toys.

People sing together.

People pray together.

People laugh together.

People say excuse me with a smile, when they bump shoulders. 

Neighbors surprise you with home-made cookies. 

People give time they don't have, to those who truly matter.

It's here, Christmas time! 

Unwrap the presents. Dig through the stockings. Lay by the fire. Drift off to sleep with the warmth of love and the bedding of disheveled wrapping paper.


Christmas is over. 

There is no more spare change, time to give, or smiles for strangers.

Time is money. Out of the way.

The music is too loud. Turn it down. Don't sing. Don't even talk about praying. Straighten up.


The spirit of Christmas is a choice. It's like all of the sudden it's acceptable to be nice to other humans, to do good deeds, to help some one down in the dumps, to have patience, and to hold yourself to a higher standard.

Doesn't the world feel wonderful this time of year? When people prioritize the right way. When kindness rules the streets. When you aren't alone, but together. When people splatter ridiculous lights all over their houses. When trees come inside. When vanity slides off into the distance and people enjoy the gift of a delicious meal. When crowds gather and community forms amidst it all. 

Why can't we have this after December? Is that a delusional request? Why can't we remember kindness is king and we're all in this thing together? 

Truth is, it could always be like this. We should live in a world with friendly hellos and bright colors and lights around every corner. We should live in a world with helping hands and no time restraints for listening and being there. We should live in a world with people acting out of love. This is our world, it's going to be what we make it. Let's make the world light up all year long. Cheers!