The Chosen Ones

We've all heard about them.

The chosen ones.

The one's who are destined to do great things.

The one's who walk a little lighter than the rest. 

But it's a sham. A facade. A lie. 

The truth is; we are all the chosen ones. 

The sun and the moon kissed to bring your being to life.

The same dark blue thread that weaves around the stars at night, is woven in your mind.

The same needle that carries the yellow thread to warm the Earth, has stitched your smile.

The might of the mountains, is the might of your soul.

The flow of the river, is the flow of your destiny.

We are all the same. We are all the chosen ones. 

You don't need to sit around waiting for a hero.

You are the hero. 

You have a chance today, to lift another up.

To recognize the sun and stars in some one else's eyes.

To tell some one they should set the world ablaze with the fire in their heart.

To be the music that allows another to peacefully drift off to sleep.

To take some one by the hand and reaffirm their confidence in good people.

To be the roaring current and send some one on their way. 

You have a chance today, to shine

You, and you, and you are the chosen ones.

We are the chosen ones.