Your Universe

I sat down in a coffee shop. I went there to have some space to chase my dreams. The second I sat down, I had the defeated thought, "Am I just going to be in a coffee shop forever, chasing my dreams? I preach and preach to go get 'em, chase your dreams with reckless abandon! But who am I? And what have I truly accomplished? I'm just sitting in a coffee shop again, with no recognition to my name."  

As I was spiraling down the rabbit hole of "this is hard," I noticed what I was doing and stopped myself. Took a deep breath and started to hum a song in my head. I don't even remember what song it was, but as I looked out the window, I saw the trees dancing in the wind and it looked as though they choreographed their dance to the song I was humming. It was pure magic. 

And bam! I had a huge awakening; I have to have a little FAITH, because I live in a universe that makes the dang trees sway. So this is for anyone that just needs a little nudge to not worry so much and let the universe take care of ya every now and then! (Keep scrolling)! 

Believe in your universe.

Your universe sways the trees,
It blooms the flowers,
It brings the stars out each night,
And paints the sky gold each morning.

You think it can't handle your life?

Your universe moves the ocean,
Has created depths we can't even reach,
Leaves you with a sense of wonder.

You think it can't handle your hopes?

Your universe shapes the clouds,
Lifts water,
Shakes the ground,
And warms underground roots.

You think it can't handle your dreams?

Your universe moves the planets,
Grows nutrients,
Shapes moments of kindness,
And puts wind, beneath wings. 

Have faith in your universe.
And your universe will have faith in you.