I Will Root For The Humans

To my fellow humans-

I'll have hope for you. 

I'll have a drop of water waiting for your roots, when all you've seen all day are barren faces.

I'll have a ray of sunshine beaming through my teeth, when all you've looked up to recently are stormy clouds.

I'll have that gentle push on your lower back, when you want to stretch your being higher into the sky.

I'll have a quiet mind, when you want your words to be heard. 

I'll have eyes of attention, when you have the courage to allow it. 

When you've had to learn the same lesson, that has ruined parts of your life, I'll be rooting for you, each time, that you finally ace it and move on.

When you're face down in the mud, I'll be rooting for you to look up.

When you're utterly alone, I'll be rooting for you to take my hand.

When you're overwhelmed, I'll be rooting for you to let me carry some of your bags.

When you feel your soul has hardened, I'll be rooting for you to accept a smile from a stranger.

When you're on your knees, screaming "WHY," I'll be rooting for a warm breeze to clutch your face and a ray of light to kiss your forehead.

When everyone else has given up on you, I'll be whispering from the shadows, "I'm rooting for you!"

You are magnificent and resilient. You may do things the hard way for years to come, but when you're ready to stop. I have hope just sitting here, waiting for you.

Others will give up on you. They will tell you you aren't worth much. They'll say the one thing that you can't handle hearing. 

But not me.

There is nothing that can shake my hope for you in this world.

I will root for you.

I will root for the humans.