To The One's Who've Got It Easy.

Ever wake up one day and realize you actually have some scars and "experience" in life?  All of the sudden you're older and notice life has roughed you up a bit. 

It's weird, if you're a positive person, you just live your life and even if you hit some rough patches along the way (like everyone does), your knee jerk attitude is "it's not that bad," only to find out, it actually was pretty bad and you actually learned a huge lesson and had a huge life experience to look back on. 

You go through your day to day life and some people act like they know more than you or have seen worse than you, and some have, but most haven't. Most just have a negative attitude towards their struggles, while you have a positive one. I feel like, the people with negative attitudes towards their hard times and the people that find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes, try to intimidate you. 

You, the happy go lucky one. The one who brings hope to the most dire situations. The one who people count on for a smile. The one who doesn't partake in negative banter about all the evil in the world, not because you're not aware, but, because you realize there's no purpose for it in your life. The one who never gives up. The one who focuses on all you have, rather than all you don't have. The one who wakes up and knows you have to be a few other people's sunshine that day and no matter how crappy you're feeling, you're going to make, at least, one other person feel better. The one whose life is "so easy," because you're actually happy. 

You put a smile on your face and trudge through the dark, scary times of life. You become the light around your own shadow, pulling yourself forward.

Yes, you! You! You have experience. You have scars. You're tough. You've seen some dark times that are up there on the "dark times scale." You're a little bit jaded and a little tarnished. Your life hasn't been easier than most, so quit using that as a cop out, to why you're so happy. Give yourself credit. You are one of those amazing people, in the world, that can actually generate happiness, regardless of your circumstances. You're more courageous than the one's swirling around in their own negativity and masking it by trying to intimidate you. 

Do not let anyone make you feel like you've had it easy. Life is hard on us all. Don't be daunted by those that act like you haven't "seen anything." 

You're like the warmth you feel, on your numb cheeks, when the sun breaks through the clouds, on a snowy day. 

You have it right, not easy.