All life is, is a series of moments. 

One after the other. One moment you're laughing and then the phone rings and you can't even breathe from the weight of loss that just crushed you. The kind of loss that flips your world inside out and rings out all the little bits of happiness you could hold onto. All you feel is dark. You're reaching for those little bits of light, but they're falling to the floor, drop by drop and your world fades from gray to black. But two and a half minutes ago, you were laughing, eating your lunch and getting ready to go to a Hawaiian party. Now your world has completely stopped and has an ache so bad, you're frozen. Just. Like. That.  

One moment you're hanging on to life by a thread. You have nothing to your name, but a dream. Sacrificing money for happiness has always been enough for you, but it's rough. You're eating Top Ramen, not getting enough sleep, and writing until your fingers bleed. The next morning you wake up, in your rented room, open your mailbox and there it is. Running your hands over that starched envelope paper, your heart rate picks up. You are so eager to open it, but hold off to take a deep breath. It's that moment you can hear your heart beating in your head and you forget to breathe. Finally, you rip the envelope open, quickly, but not as ravenously as you'd like; you can't tear the precious thing inside. It's black ink, on white paper. And with a few blinks of your eyes and a few words read; your life has changed. A publishing deal. You are no longer a person with a dream; you are an author with a book. Just. Like. That.

Moments are life. 

Take people for who they are moment to moment.

One moment we mess up, but the next we sincerely want to make it up to you. One moment we could feel the deepest depths of love and with one passing glance, the next moment holds feelings of betrayal. One moment you could think things possibly couldn't get any better, and the next moment is even brighter than the one before. 

Moment to moment, people are people. 

Feel are there is to feel in each moment and then, just move on to the next. Don't dwell on past moments. Just live in each moment, with an open heart and the world opens up for you. Just. Like. That.