Life Isn't A Job You Get Done.

Have you ever had the feeling of being completely overwhelmed, to the point of a panic attack, because you feel there will never be enough time in this life to finish all your dreams and goals? There is an abundance of beauty out there; in our very own world; an infinite amount! So many things to do. So many words to write. So many mouths to listen to. So many places to see. So many hugs to receive. So many pictures to take. So much kindness to spread. So many moments to live.

I'm 26 years old and feel like I'm late to the game. 

If you really think about it. Life is fleeting; so fleeting.

Then it hit me, maybe this isn't the beginning of "my" story and maybe when I'm gone, it won't be the end of it, either.  

Each and every day, I'm realizing more and more, how we (all of us humans) are in this (life on the planet) together. 

So, maybe I'm not just writing my story.

Maybe I've picked up some one else's story that they never got to finish. Maybe they're still on this planet and maybe they're not. The fact of the matter is; there is no way my dreams are completely unique to me. The way I interpret them and bring them into the world is unique, but I'm not the first one trying to make a difference with my words and photos. 

So, let that bring you peace. 

Life is not a job you get done. It's just a few pictures on a film strip that help make up the whole roll. And you can't see the pictures before yours and you can't see the pictures after, but you know, if you're looking in the right light, they're all beautiful and they all matter. 

You're picking up the pieces from others' dreams and when you're gone, some soul will pick up the pieces from yours.  You're not writing your story, you're writing ours. Make it a good one. One we can pat ya on the back for, and say "Thanks! Good looking out." 

Find solace in the fact that you can't do everything and you won't, but we can do anything and we will.