Skye is the soul behind the work. Hi there! I like to think of myself as the itty bitty, but ever so bright flower poking through the field of concrete. When it comes to humans, I'm madly in love with them and have a ceaseless hope for better days, for me, you, and the world. If something moves me in any way, I'll write about it. If there's a moment, where the every-day looks extra extraordinary, I'll photograph it. You can break me down into mother, wife, writer, photographer, teacher, dreamer, and crazy person, but above all, I'm just a human. A human reaching out her hand for you to grab, so we can get through this thing together!

Light is what I hope to spread and am always striving for. Along with spreading light in a positive manner, encouraging other humans, and hoping hope remains, light is also intended to be shed on the hard things. Nothing is really off limits when I sit down and put pen to paper. Sometimes, a children's book lovingly hugs the lines of the paper, while other times a dark story of addiction bleeds out and clings to the lines. For years, I've been trying to put myself in a box of what type of writer I am and I finally found it- eclectic. 

Creations is the constant, innate drive to create. Writing is where I'm divinely connected with life- it's my go to for clarity, encouragement, meditation, and tranquility. Photography is such a fun craft that challenges me. With each photograph, I aim to transport a feeling from the image unto the viewer. I own a very curious mind that likes to create out of the realm of pen, paper, and camera every now and then, and will take life with a sewing machine, home decor, or my children's craft supply box. This little soul of mine must create

The sincere hope of Skye Light Creations is to be an honest conversation. I hope when you make your way to this nook of the world, you keep scrolling, because something is hitting you where it counts. Hitting you right where you need it and making you think, making you feel, making you love, making you come alive, and making you full of that feeling that you're not alone and the world is beautiful, even with the mess. 

In the wise words of Maya Angelou, "When you get, give. When you learn, teach." The dream of this site is to give and teach and wrap it all up in love and encouragement, with a few tears shed and few laughs shared. Welcome!