Everyday Magic

I recently deleted my Instagram. My account is still on there and I intend on revisiting Instagram, when my soul is ready for it. For now, every time I was on it, I just felt a deep pull to delete it. I felt it was consuming my brain with other people's dreams and lives, instead of my OWN. 

Remember the days when your favorite artist was a mystery? You would wonder what special, certain someone a song was about or what kind of pain they were feeling in the moment those lyrics were scribbled onto the paper. You would wonder how they were so cool and how they could do what they did so well. You would wonder what their everyday life looked like and if you were sitting in school at that very moment; where were they?  I feel like the mystery of artists has vanished. Almost anyone you can admire these days has an Instagram page, where you can see into the intimate parts of their life. It's AWESOME. But also, takes away from the art, in my humble opinion. 

I've always been a sucker for photography and the pictures that rock me to the bones are the ones of the artists, just simply doing their craft. They were in the moment, just making music, painting a picture, designing, etc. They weren't on Instagram trying to promote themselves. Art is the promotion! Raw art with no agenda, but to simply be. And that's the space I want to create from. I don't want to feel like my writing is a failure, because I only have a couple hundred Instagram followers. (What is that!)  I want to focus on my life and my art and the gift of being on this planet. So here's to creating from sacred spaces that Instagram can't touch! 

With all that said,

I'm starting a little "blog series," on here, that I'm going to call "Everyday Magic." They'll just be simple moments that I've found lately that have brought me to my knees with gratitude. My hope is, if you stumble across this series, you too, will notice there is magic in every day. Yes, every day, in YOUR life. Look for it and it is there.


Lately, I have found magic in...

Wide- open fields to run in.

$3 Thrift store finds.

Puppy snuggles.

Grocery store runs in our pajamas and unnecessary balloons.

Shooting photographs in bushes. 

Sticky, wind-blown, night drives, under the Texas sky.

Here's to finding your everyday magic, friends! 


I am a mother.

I am sacred space.

I am a pillar of faith.

I am sturdy ground, when the whole world shakes.

Leave me, but my love remains.
Break me, but know I am not broken.

I am constant, just as the sky and the sea.
I am rooted in this ground, up to my knees.

I notice the way the wind blows,
And the slightest change in your smile.

I examine all the details,
And recognize the things that you view as worthwhile.

There's a shine from under my cheeks, that will never evade.
There's a wise instinct that comes with womanhood, that can never be tapered or frayed.

With this wisdom and shine,
Every step I take is confident
You see, I am connected to the ever-divine.

So, when you look me in my eyes and think I don't see the truth,
It is only you that is blind,
It is only you acting in the ways of the youth.

Your forces of persuasion don't work on me

I am a woman,
I am the one holding the key.

The key to my happiness and love,
The key to my soul soaring free.

You may have gotten tripped up, but not I

I am a woman,
Hear me cry.

Cry the tears that must be shed,
Cry the tears at the store, in the shower, and in bed.

I'll cry those tears and then I'll move on.
I am a woman,
I am strong.

My heart aches for you and the deeds you cannot undo
As for me, my wisdom just grew

I am a woman, unshakeable ground,
I am a woman,
My resilience knows no bounds,

I am a woman.