Building a Life

In a world that's screaming passion and consistency,
I'm flowing with the current, fighting stagnancy.

Always told to stay the course,
But if I didn't follow all my curiosities I'd feel remorse.

I stand before you today, with eclectic experiences in the sway of my skirt,
Life thus far has been a raging river, not a drop of dry dirt.

So, pull up a chair, can I make you a drink?
I'd love to sip a perfected dirty martini, while you tell me what you think.

What do you think about Maya Angelou?
Or Pablo Picasso's period of blue?

How are we going to empower our youth?
And when the world gets heavy, do you hold steady in your own truth?

Which F-stop do you prefer?
Do you use grain or natural light to make those emotions stir?

Parenthood, I got a few things I could say,
Doesn't it ache in the best possible way?

I can make a killer kale salad or point you to the best pizza in the city,
Pizza makes us happy and kale makes our insides pretty.

Who's your team? Blood, sweat and tears poured out on the field,
In competitive talk, I will not yield.

You want to talk about human- compassion and amazing grace?
I've got a few stories that'll make your heart race.

Marriage? I'm learning as I go,
An intricate life quilt, two needles learning to sew.

Speaking of sewing, I can do that too,
Calligraphy and collages also hold a spot in my creative life slew

I can't feel more whole, then when a pen's in my hand,
Translating thoughts to words is my creative soul's highest demand.

So, if you want to talk, let's talk,
Very few subjects will get me to balk. 

You see, I trust my experiences and my worth,
And I know my value on this Earth.

I write this, not to be cocky,
But to let you know, I'm a student learning to master the art of being free.

It may not be the straight and narrow,
But, it is indeed my squiggly arrow.

If I didn't follow it, I would be wrong,
And I might not be sitting here writing you this poetic song. 

So maybe you're not where you thought you'd be,
But, you've got experiences and lessons and your life's a wide open sea.

So, tie on your apron for the day,
And when faced with tough questions or circumstances don't go astray, 
Walk in confidence with the mess you've been handed,
And stretch your roots courageously, where you've been planted.

For you and I know great things, 
For any room we enter, we have a song to sing.

So yes, please pull up a chair and let me fill up your cup,
Let's share the knowledge and scars of all the times we've shown up. 



I was unaware the curve in my waist,
Would be how others judge my womanhood with such haste.

I didn't know the size of my chest,
Would make you see more of me or less.

Heaven forbid the youthful body turn into a body that's grown,
There'd be less room for your macho seeds to be sewn.

I'm sorry my backside doesn't have more of an arc,
But, it's confusing, because I still hear the male bark. 

Even females have made me feel less-than,
Commenting my body reminds them of adolescence. 

Not knowing the wisdom, scars, and compassion this body of mine holds,
People have missed out on the story and friendship my heart could have told. 

Yes, there's lots of face-value judging,
And lots of lines drawn that need some smudging.

So, I'm standing up for myself, not a minute too soon,
My body is mine and not yours to critic or swoon.

My chest has been sizes A to C,
And in each cup size- it's always been me.

My figures not curvaceous, but straight,
And I indeed do hold a smaller weight.

This doesn't make me lucky or better-than,
But a target for insecure eyes and the body scam.

Stretch marks, let me show you,
Laugh lines, I've got more than a few.

You won't find a set of straight teeth here,
This is a woman who loves herself- something to fear.

My posture- not the best,
My soul is where most my energy invests.

I'm writing this, because you've got it too!
You've got all those insanely, gorgeous, unique things about you.

So, instead of putting meaning on Earth's gravitational pull,
Promise me, you'll feed your soul.

Promise me, you won't judge a woman who doesn't match your size,
But meet her with the community of womanhood in your eyes.

Promise me, you'll let your arms get a tan,
And you'll get your self-love from you- not another woman or man.

Promise me, when you get a compliment you allow yourself to grin and say, "Thank you!"
You don't have to have an excuse or try to skew their view. 

Promise me, you'll laugh loud with all your imperfections,
And take people for their whole-selves, not just their sections.

Promise me, you won't let your children hear you talk poorly about your body,
Let them see a strong human, not in a state of mirror-melancholy.

Promise me, you'll welcome yourself and others with a warm embrace,
And the body your soul resides in is more than just something you get up to face.

Treat yourself tenderly and kind,
Allow yourself and others to shine.

Our bodies are just our shells,
Nourish it and treat it well. 

Treat it well with kind words and loving hands,
Treat it well by visiting new, invigorating lands.

Treat it well by encouraging others,
Treat it well by not comparing- only you are your mother's. 

Treat yourself well and treat other's the same,
Hating our bodies is not our game.

Love yourself- every inch!
The space you take up here, should not make you flinch.

It should make you proud,
Proclaim your spot here, brave and loud!

Take your body back! And your peace of mind,
There are so many better things for us to focus our time. 

You are beautifully you,
And there's no cat-call, rude remark, or stale face that can ever undo,
All that is the beauty of you.

All Love Is Unconditional

Love is not the issue.
Love is the one that always reaches out to kiss you.

When things fail, it's not because of love.
It's because of all those toxic things we cannot rise above.

It can be finances, addiction, even just lack of presence.
These things are hard for our heart to reach a place of acceptance. 

You see, all love is unconditional, all staying is not.
Sometimes your heart is loved, but the rest of you feels forgot. 

It's not the love you have to stop.
It's the feelings and the heartbreak we have to be strong enough to drop.

Have you ever actually stopped loving some one?
I don't think so, I think the rest of you just had to get out of there and run. 

Run some where safer and a little more calm.
Somewhere you could regroup and lather your heart with a healing balm.

You lather and lather with good music and good books.
With meaningful conversation and new eyes with new looks. 

You replay moments time and time again,
And ponder what is coming for your life around the bend.

Then one day, who's to say when,
You realize your life and open heart have began again.

But you still carry that nick on your heart,
And realize love never has an end, only starts.

It doesn't mean you're still in some type of romance,
It only means love is bigger than anything and we could never comprehend it's expanse.

When you really love some one and mutter those words,
I'm certain that love goes on forever undisturbed. 

It creates soft spots all over your heart,
And a more wise love for you to impart. 

When you hear their names, there's always a smirk and an ache,
And a wondering, which soul was granted their heart to take. 

So again I say, all love is unconditional and no love can fail,
Just certain loves aren't docked forever and must set sail.

All love is unconditional.
All staying is not.
There has never been one, single love that was forgot. 


You Just Didn't Know

I was just a kid,
You didn't know what kind of woman I would be,
You didn't know in the future, there would be no chance of you and me

You didn't know the strength there'd be in my eyes,
You couldn't see how strong my shoulders would become, holding my head high

You didn't know all the insecurities you bred in me, would become my strengths,
Yes, parts of my wisdom now, is to your thanks

You didn't know the power that'd rest in just the smirk of my smile,
Or that my grin was actually worthwhile

You had no clue that I march to the beat of my own drum and always would,
I was never looking to fit in and you started a lot of your sentences, with "You should..."

You didn't know that I'd love every inch of myself, not even dressed to the nines
You didn't realize that one day, without you, I'd be more than fine

I shall never forget the night you called me "boring,"
Now, I'm sure you have noticed, your heart's vibrancy was the one that needed restoring

You were too young to notice a girl giving you her all,
I decided to claw at the face of the mountain and stop that free-fall

You didn't know that I had been falling, all by myself, for quite some time
Your lack of presence and communication ended up being the ultimate crime

Timing is everything and time was on your side,
But my true self could no longer hide

A little attention, priority; could have gone a long way,
In the end, there was no room for me, wherever you stayed.

So, we parted ways,
And grew into the people we are today

You didn't know, the woman that was yours
You were unaware, you'd be just a small fragment in my life's memoir

You didn't know I was so far out of your league,
To catch me now, your body and mind would be ridden with fatigue

Resentment; I hold none
The heart heals and what's done is done

As a confident woman now, world in my hand, walking with a glow
It occurs to me that;
You just didn't know. 


I Want To Be The Ocean

I want to be the ocean, 
I want to be the sea,
I want to be the place people seek out to feel their heart beat free

I want to engulf others in a cleansing embrace,
And hear their deep sigh as the worry leaves their face

I want to be the ocean,
I want to be the deep blue,
I want to be the thing that inspires you to be unapologetically true

I want to be the ocean,
I want to roar when the skies are grey,
I want you to feel me and know you can't go on living in non-compassionate ways

I want to be the ocean,
I want to be able to change your course with the wave of my hand,
And leave you aching for that familiar land,
Hanging on through the storm,
And waking up with new eyes, that are a lot more kind and warm

I want to be the ocean,
I want to be the calm, settled as smooth as glass,
And for you to notice, every storm indeed does pass

I want to be the ocean,
I want to be the steady lull that can always put you to sleep,
And for you to know the secrets that you share with me, I will always keep

I want to be the ocean,
Accepting of all that enter, even if you're just passing through,
Yes, I want to use the ocean's eyes and see the world through equality's view

I want to be the ocean,
Not in full control,
I let the sun and moon pull me and together, we are whole. 

I want to be the ocean,
When one wave crashes, another one is born,
Just as our hearts come new and leave here worn. 

I want to be the ocean,
Concurrently, shallow and deep
A transparent mystery, all my lessons; yours to keep. 

So, when I leave this Earth
I want to be forever cooled and in flow,
I want to be the ocean,
You can find me when the sun hits the surface and causes a glow.